Food Safety Culture

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12 June 2024

8 Oct 2024

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Food Safety Culture (FSC) is becoming a common non-conformance in food safety audits. Although having certified food safety management systems in place, the food industry still suffers from incidents such as product recalls, food poisoning outbreaks and allergen contamination. The one common factor in every incident is people and the way they behave.

FSC is a hot topic and is fundamental to the improvement of food safety in any business.  All major retailer and GFSI standards now require the development and implementation of a FSC Program.  The GFSI Food Safety Culture Position Paper believes “that to be successful and sustainable, food safety must go beyond formal regulations to live within the culture of a company.”  Developing and maintaining a strong food safety culture can be a challenge for industry – knowing what food safety culture is, how to measure it, how to improve it and what tools and methods can be used to implement, develop, promote and maintain a positive culture of food safety within your respective organization.

To help you meet your BRC audit requirement section 1.1.2 we have developed a 4hr workshop that will help you understand, assess and implement effective FSC improvement program in your workplace.


This course will include the following topics:

  • Understand the context of Food Safety Culture within your business.
  • Understand why Food Safety Culture is important.
  • Have an awareness of methodologies to measure the current culture.
  • Understand and apply a number of methods to assess and implement effective Food Safety Culture improvement programs.
  • Participate in, develop or review a Food Safety Culture Improvement Program.
  • Planning for the future.

This is an essential workshop for food company leaders and teams!


“Culture exists apart from written laws and regulations.  It can trickle down from the highest levels of a social entity, or bubble up from its greatest depths.  It may appear complete and whole at inception, or take years or even generations to mature. It does not follow formal rules, or even a straight line.  Cultural standards often are shared via casual conversation and reinforced through thoughts and actions until they rest in the unconscious.”  (GFSI Position Paper 04.11.18).  This course assists your site including all staff and management to work toward improved food safety culture through understanding the tools and methodologies available.

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